Anyone who has read my first blog post will notice that I'm a fan of content curation (and curating my newsletter). That is the reason why I am working on my latest project. I introduced it to you in my first blog post. Desingsupplies is a curated resource website for designers and creative minds. Read more in my previous blog post.

Using my newsletter for content curation

This blog post is also about Content Curation. Before I started working on designsupplies, I already curated a weekly newsletter. »Creativerly« is my personal weekly digest. Every Sunday I send an email to currently 40 subscribers. The newsletter is about the design scene, as well as other creative areas. It features apps, tools, resources, books, and more. Moreover, creativerly is about boosting your workflow, your creativity, and productivity. I spend a lot of my free time on Twitter, Product Hunt, Medium, Gadget Overflow, and so on. It is a great feeling gathering all the useful stuff and sent it out to fellow creative folks.

Without doing a lot of marketing, I already had 40 subscribers since the launch eight months ago. Over the past few months, I have not focused on gaining new subscribers. I focused on the content and the look of the newsletter. Overall, I am satisfied with the look and feel of the newsletter now. Therefore, I would like to return to my subscriber target. Four months to go to reach 100 Subscribers. This blog post will focus on the tactics and strategies I use to win new subscribers.

Growing a community around my weekly newsletter

One of the first steps was to be active in the Twitter design community. It's not about leaving any comment on any postings that have a design reference. Moreover, it is about to leave a relevant comment that not only fits the topic, but also provides a certain value. This tactic works well in any social network. I keep hearing that some big accounts are using comment bots on Instagram. They leave generic comments on posts that use certain hashtags. Such comments definitely do not have any special added value.

I focus on social channels, especially Twitter, Reddit, and Indie Hackers. Twitter? The design community is quite strong there. Reddit? There are big subreddits with a constant exchange between designers and creative minds. Indie Hackers? I can inform like-minded makers about the status of my side projects. Some of them may not work for one. For another, they might be the solution to an unsolvable problem.

Likewise, my blog is another measure of subscriber acquisition. It is also a reason to pursue my passion for writing again. On my blog, I will write about my side projects. But, also more general articles on very different topics will find their place. Writing is a creative process. That's why I love it so much to put my thoughts into words. Because that's exactly where I have to pool my creativity. On the one hand, it may be that a blog post gets finished in a few hours. On the other hand, there are also topics that concern me so much that I sit for several days in a blog post. In the end, though, it is a great feeling that I take the time to switch off and concentrate on my written words.

Road to 100 newsletter subscribers

I have set myself the goal of reaching 100 subscribers within a year for the following reasons. With Creativerly, I've created a product that I'm convinced of that definitely one or two creative minds can benefit from. Therefore, I will also post regular updates and insights here on my blog.

My most recent step is the rebranding of my entire project. Until a few days ago, Creativerly was The Creative Abstract. My original access was also quite different compared to now. At the beginning of the project, I had the idea to pack everything I find throughout my week into the newsletter. Hence the name The Creative Abstract. Because it was a summary of the week. In the meantime, however, I place much more value on the content of the newsletter. Both the apps and the blog posts focus on qualitative content.

The newsletter's intention is to provide readers with added value. The apps, tools, resources, blog posts, which are in the newsletter should help the reader, by giving value. I'm always looking for a variety of tools that boost my creativity and productivity. However, when choosing these tools for my newsletter, I make sure that they not only help me but also many other creative minds.

Creating a brand

Another tactic is, that I wanted to create a brand around my newsletter. Therefore, I bought a domain and set up a landing page. I love how easy it is nowadays to create things like this. Namecheap provided me with a domain. The .xyz costs 1.16€ for the first year. After that, the renewal will cost around 11€. A crazy good deal. As a next step, I bought a Pro Standard license from I love carrd as it makes it super simple to create and launch a landing page literally in minutes. With the Pro Standard license, you can publish your site to a custom domain and get a lot of customization features.

What's next?

Now it is time to focus on everything mentioned above. I really want to build a community. So being active on twitter, reddit, and indie hackers is really key for me. Also I want to constantly improve the content of the newsletter. I love working on this project, and it is just a great feeling that there are already 40 people who are enjoying it.

Photo by Stock Photography on Unsplash